Coordinates: N 60.6865˚ E 17.2˚


Pilot Tariff

Port ID Number: 19780
UN Locator Code: SEGVX
Assigned Port Facility Number: 0347

Restrictions:  (based on Water density: 1,003)

Passage through the fairway/in channel (Holmuddsrannan) during daylight:
Max loa:    220 m        220 m
Max beam:  30 m          28 m
Max draft:  9,00 m      10,10 m (at normal waterlevel)

(escort-tug is compulsory through the channel if max draft is 9,0 m or deeper)

Passage through the fairway/in channel (Holmuddsrannan) during darkness:
Max loa:    180 m
Max beam: 25 m
Max draft:   8,99 m (at normal waterlevel)

The oil and chemical terminal consists of two quays, jetty no. 1 and jetty no 21.

Typical cargoes: Gasoline, Ethanol, Gasoil, Fuel oil, Jet fuel and RME.

oil berth no.21:   

Max loa:  200 m

Max draft: 10,10 m (at normal waterlevel)

Berth no 1

Oil and chemical berth
Max draft:           8,80 m
Max L.O.A.         185 m


The conatiner harbour do have:
Two Gantry cranes
Max draft:            10,00 m
Max L.O.A.               320 m

General info:
– Fresh water available.
– Sludge disposals available.
– Ship chandlers