Coordinates: 58´40´N,  017´07´E.


Pilot Tariff

Berth: No.10
Water depth 16,5 m
Max draft: 15,5 m

General info:
– Berth no. 10 will only be used when draft is over 12,8 m.
– Ships with draft over 12,8 m will be berthed with large fender barges between quay and ship. Ship will be moored 5 m off the quay.
– Disch. capacity ab 700m3 / hose, max preasure abt 6 bar.

Berth: No. 11
Water depth: 13,5 m
Max draft: 12,8 m

General info:
– The jetty has two hydraulic operated marine arms.
– One 12″ with capacity up to max 2.500 m3/hour.
– One 16″ with capacity up to max 3.500 m3/hour.