Coordinates: 57´16´N,  016´27´E.


Pilot Tariff

Berth: Oil jetty
Max L.O.A.: 145 m
Max draft: 10,1 m
Max beam: 33 m

Vessels more than 190 m two pilots compusory.

Berth: Ocean jetty
Max L.O.A.: 200 m
Max draft: 10,5 m
Max beam: 33 m

Berth: Inner harbour
Max L.O.A.: 171 m
Max draft:  7,6 m
Max beam: 33 m

Common cargoes in/outward from the area: pulpwood, wood goods, fuel wood, gasoil.

General info:
– Sludge disposals available (24 hrs notice before entering the port)
– Fresh water available
– Ship chandlers available.

Tug boat restrictions:

Oil and ocean jetty
Vessel lenght Quantity
Vsl 110-130m 1 tug boat
Vsl 130-150m 2 tug boats
Vsl 150-200 m 2 tug boats

Remarks: All ways 2 tug boats to quay 54 if another vsl is alongside at quay 52. May be reduced on departure.